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https://www.investopedia.com/articles/01/071801.asp - value investing.
if you're picking stocks, pick a bargain.
and the most important lesson in investing, the iron rule? don't lose money.
there are far more ways to lose it than to make it
so work on avoiding them
So true. People fight hard for 13% roi but you can get 100% of money you don't piss away
DocObvious: there's an in house barista at work who makes awesome coffee. Gonna try to get some tips from her on picking beans and brewing in general
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bastenibba 6 minutes ago

@Chaddeus_Rex Your job will be to fight for Eurasia

TheViolat0r 18 minutes ago

@bastenibba just light it on fire and abandon ship! See how many burn!

Chaddeus_Rex 20 minutes ago

@bastenibba b...b..butt getting a job is explotation! Oppression! Gimme that sweet sweet welfare! Me needs more cheetos!

Chaddeus_Rex 22 minutes ago

@bastenibba Open up or the fires of perun will burn ur house down

TheViolat0r 27 minutes ago

@bastenibba bro i have bills that need paying! thx for the advice! :)

bastenibba 28 minutes ago

@Chaddeus_Rex based. Get the cock out of your mouth, glue your penis back on and get a job. It's embarrassing

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