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i wanna pull a physt and retire young
https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00EKMPLIK/?coliid=I1OX53VL602XTV -- haven't read it yet, but my superboss is big on this one.
ill take a look. thanks tmbg
How do you guys interact with "blue pill" guys? Especially if they are in your social circle regularly
you're probably going to have to be more specific
Cousin of best friend. Young guy who thinks he knows everything. Calls me out for how I interact with women. Normally would just avoid but due to circumstance I have to see him. Have been roasting his perspective but it's clearly upsetting my best friend
torching someone that you have to spend time with on a regular basis doesn't impress me as a wise move. if he's not willing or ready to be pulled out of the matrix, then there isn't anything you can do in that regard

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DennyHardy 3 weeks ago

@Gaboyski Excellent question. Yes, it violates Iron Rule #4 unless children are involved. I've heard the advice to never marry unless you plan to have children. I have the point of view that common law is the state's way of trying to control relationships and it's not their business. I will elaborate more later today after more thought