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congrats new ops.
oh man, think I'll buy that debate this weekend.
grats jotenko
Hey guys
I work at two jobs, one is phsyical labor intensive, the lattter is calm.
The first 9 months, the latter 4 months
In the last 2.5 months I've been intensely studying for the SAT's so I had to cut shifts which put me in an inferior position.
I wish to quit the first job for the latter. What's the best course of action you suggest?
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SeasonedRP 36 minutes ago

@Pentalobe I don't know all the lingo. I learned all this before there were terms for everything. Whatever you call it, don't abstain from women. No LTRs. Have fun with other women and forget her. Yes to self improvement.

SeasonedRP 39 minutes ago

@TheStoicCrane He can do both. Another woman will get rid of the hurt he feels now and give him confidence. That will carry over into other areas of his life. Not recommending a relationship, just female company.

destraht about an hour ago

Our governments are jealous whores: https://trp.red/t/23o

TheStoicCrane 7 hours ago

@TheViolat0r You journal by any chance?

TheStoicCrane 7 hours ago

@TheViolat0r This man gets it!!!

TheViolat0r 10 hours ago

Met this girl wearing a fucking peacoat in 22*c weather! She'd rather sweat than carry it, she says...!

destraht 12 hours ago

I just jogged 2.4 miles with 1.6 of walking on dirt. Sweat dripping everywhere and I feel great. I'll probably get out the kettle bells tomorrow. I need the walking as well as the running. It does different things. In Europe I get tons of 5-15 minute walk all day long but in the Cali suburbs I have to force the issue.

TheViolat0r 14 hours ago

@redhead a stranger, quietly, but desperately, calling out for help whilst trying to get their life back together. Actions...say more than words. I do a lot of walking. Meet a lot of ppl. Outside of your jobs, your gyms, your phones, your clubs, your bars, your Dungeons...it's just he HumbleSavage in me that's curious.

Pentalobe 17 hours ago

@TheStoicCrane Been reading a bit from the sidebar and n00b-guide over at reddit(That's partly how I understood they were all shit-tests). It's slow going now, but somehow it helps me understand somewhat.

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