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sounds good
2/2 of a trend now of that guy delivering simple messages in a very long-winded fashion
3rd time i scream
wonder if we have a term for the first time.
yup. go figure
physt: asset allocation is turning out to be a real bitch
although I do realize this is one of those "as long as it's good enough it's fine" things

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destraht 4 hours ago

After a few generations of this immigration then it has cemented the victim culture. This way the US can gain soft power, influence and language speakers with a minimal risk of dual loyalties. That is except for Israelis. I'd like to see immigration return who can most benefit us the most based upon their abilities and strength.

destraht 4 hours ago

@tb87670 I started noticing a trend with immigrants (from all countries) in the North Bay. 95% of them had a very good persecution story that usually implied that they would not be loyal to the dominant group of their home. Then consequently local non-traveling Americans think that the entire world is really that cruel and oppressive.

Hazelstein 5 hours ago

@SeasonedRP I genuinely think there should be male judges in the courtroom and in my country there are majority and that's why the law system is better.

Hazelstein 6 hours ago

@MentORPHEUS Massive LOVE and Respect!

TheViolat0r 8 hours ago

Just when I thought I had lost Ms. Irish-Ukrainians attention, I run into her today after my 1st class and she puts her full name and number in my phone. It's amazing how often she keeps telling me she's free while glancing at my lips. This other girl tho...lots of fun, Very sexual, feminine, consented on video to being roughed up...

SeasonedRP 11 hours ago

@redpillschool I could see it happening one day, or something like it. When women run the show, laws get stupider. In feminist paradise Sweden, jacked men can be forced to take a urine test for steroids by the police or by participating gyms.

MentORPHEUS 12 hours ago

@SeasonedRP It's a facetious bill put forth by women lawmakers in that state to illustrate the intrusiveness of a particular antiabortion law.

redpillschool 13 hours ago

@SeasonedRP Proposed, unlikely to succeed.

redpillschool 13 hours ago

@MatrixofLe3adership Consider IRC not to be private in general. We recommend irccloud because it hides your ip. If you're worried, use a proxy/vpn!

SeasonedRP 14 hours ago

@redpillschool Was this a law in Georgia that was repealed, or is someone proposing to make this a law?

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