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staring at me.
i left her the fuck be, because i have pussy on tap.
if you told me this story, and you told me you didnt say waddup and hit her with the gimmedemdigitsma routine, i'd be railing you.
fwiw, i thought about asking her name and pursuing a friendship since it takes a hell of a ho to be at the gym at 1200 on a friday night by herself.
guys is the_donald down for anyone else?
the whole rest of reddit seems to be up but the_donald is down for me
where anteros at

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Showing #Women

blue_dover 2 weeks ago

The girls you'll be going out with 25 years from now haven't even been born yet #Women #Humour #UnplugYourSelf

blue_dover 3 weeks ago

Emma Watson: "Feminism, feminism... gender wage gap... why oh why am I not taken seriously... feminism... oh, and here are my tits!" - Check out the beauty and the breasts https://trp.red/t/13z #Women #humour

blue_dover about a month ago

Older women didn't give you a chance during puberty so why give them a chance during their menopause #Women #Humour

RedRum about a month ago

Women can look at men and see only a parody #Clowns #Women

RedRum 2 months ago

Women use logic only to make excuses. That's literally the only time they put extra thought into anything. #Women

blue_dover 2 months ago

When men age they look like Sean Connery. When women age they look like Sean Connery. #Women #Humour

blue_dover 2 months ago

Sharing is caring. Make sure you share your penis with people don't have one. No fatties though #Women

blue_dover 2 months ago

Beautiful women die twice #Women

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