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ah. any regret/feelings of having missed out?
with so much volatility/potential panic/euphoria in the space, isn't this the space to be in? especially as a smart guy who understands the big picture
I lost about a hundred bucks when cryptory.com imploded. I am actually quite wealthy right now (I retired at 37) so I don't care all that much about it, as long as it doesn't damage the dollar, since a ton of my portfolio depends on it.
for me: don't tank the dollar, don't damage silver and copper, don't damage the real estate market. That's the majority of my stuff right now. I also have some money in some overseas ventures.
why not hedge into bitcoin and crypto?
buy at 17k per coin? don't think so my friend lol.
(I assume it hit 17k right?)
Hahah yeah

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Showing #Women

RedRum 3 months ago

When women are mad at men, they go fuck other men. As if that’s supposed to punish us. Daddy Issues = I’m mad at men so I’m going to go ride dick to make daddy mad #Women #FemLogic #DIG

RedRum 3 months ago

Mans finest achievement followed closely by civilization #Humor #Memes #Lesbians #Women #Blame #BlameShift

RedRum 4 months ago

The audacity fat bitches have these days is a sign of the times. They honestly think they are out of your league. And you cant shame them anymore for bein fat. The spooky part is that these fat bitches are like this cause theyre actually getting fucked. Like some Nickelback effect. A generic band yet still wildly successful. #Fat #Women

InPursuitOfDreams 4 months ago

Is Monica Bellucci a post-wall slut milf? #Women

RedRum 5 months ago

A girl will gag on your cock weekly, get a serious boyfriend, and then pretend like she doesn't know you and this is why I have trust issues #Women

RedRum 5 months ago

Men educate themselves and become better, build a better life, build a better community. Woman educate themselves and become vindictive towards men, lie better, and whore themselves out more efficiently. #women #differences #logical #equivalences

RedRum 5 months ago

Jolie earned the hatred of women all over Hollywood for “stealing” Pitt from Aniston. Note stealing as if property. When are possessive and treat men like they're toys to be had. #Women

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