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riszo624 30 minutes ago

@Justanewuser calisthenics + smoothies = 5kg of muscles gain first month, my gf wants to fuck every day.

Taiino about an hour ago

@Justanewuser serge nubret HIIT strong man 5x5

StrikePrice about an hour ago

@Doctordinglefuck In all fairness, I’m probably a sociopath. So is my daughter. She’s 12 and she asked me the other day if she was one based on internet research she had done. I never said that word to her. She figured it out. You assume I hurt people. I don’t try to. I try and help people. But am I fairly ruthless against my enemies.

StrikePrice about an hour ago

@Doctordinglefuck My kids are my responsibility. Yours are yours. I don’t give a fuck about your kids. I care about mine. That said, I don’t wish your kids any harm, I just don’t take any responsibility for them. I teach my kids the Laws of Power. I push them hard and throw away their participation ribbons. I make them strong.

StrikePrice about an hour ago

@Doctordinglefuck No no no. Coddling the weak is what is pushing us toward extinction. I bring along more people in my goals than I sacrifice. Many more. I create success for people who struggle to create success for themselves. I embrace what I am. I am not ashamed. That said, if you believe in a higher power, that’s okay with me too.

Doctordinglefuck about an hour ago

@yungboi realize that your body is working towards collective survival of the species in ways you dont even know. And not everything is about school

Doctordinglefuck about an hour ago

@StrikePrice how many people would you sacrifice for your goals? How many people would you save? There is a sickness in humanity, and it threatens our entire existence, including you.

Doctordinglefuck about an hour ago

@StrikePrice how will your third generation of children be affected by your actions, and the collective actions of everyone else? Think epigenetics.

CainPrice 2 hours ago

@Noblefiz Baby steps. Easier each time. Remember, normal guys talk to girls all the time. And if you have a good conversation with a girl, it is perfectly normal and expected to tell her she seems nice and ask for her number. Not asking for it would be weird and abnormally timid. She'll wonder why you didn't.

replacemenwithalphas00 2 hours ago

@Haki98 One is the easy way, one is the laborious way. One is dwelling in self-pity, one is fucking smoking hot bitches and crushing it in life. Your choice.

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