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yeah the term we have regarding validation is a bit sparse, could use more fleshing out.
something that helps me to think about, is imagining other people doing the same thing... they fear rejection, or lack confidence, or what have you. They put on a brave face for the world, which is what you see of them, but internally, they are very likely to have the same insecurities and struggles as you
True words. I understand that logically but how do I internalize that? Just have that mantra when that weakness crosses my mind?
If they have these same struggles, why do I need their acceptance? they aren't any better at this life game than I am, once I'm inside their head and see that the prince has no clothes
whoops. emporer, but you get the idea
I'll give it a shot and see how it goes. Appreciate your time brother
np, good luck
Focus: ^

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Noblefiz 3 hours ago

She could have a billion green flags, but in the end that doesn't mean shit.

TwoInchesOfShaft 9 hours ago

@redpillschool Roosh always has some gold nuggets in his rants

Hazelstein 9 hours ago

@Noblefiz " A captain cannot show weakness to his crew. " Most truthful thing you said. Master and Commander a movie you should watch if you haven't

Hazelstein 9 hours ago

@tb87670 care to explain more please. I might be unclear on the situation in New Zealand.

Noblefiz 18 hours ago

@redhead I wouldn't say it's exactly mainstream, but the idea certainly is. most people just don't have the desire/will to follow through.

bear-with-bit 20 hours ago

@redhead I highly doubt serious lifting will become mainstream. Most people don't see the point of becoming a thick meathead.

redhead 23 hours ago

I am curious to know what happens as exercise and lifting become more and more mainstream.

TheStoicCrane about a day ago

The life of a person within the matrix. https://trp.red/t/22l

Noblefiz about a day ago

A captain cannot show weakness to his crew. Any rebellion against a captains authority is the responsibility and fault of the Captain for failing to rule properly. If your woman begins to lose attraction respect for you, you messed up. Any failure of the relationship is your fault and yours alone. Don't blame a woman for being a woman.

tb87670 about a day ago

@destraht I notice this as well. Most won't admit they cut soldiers throats in the dark any chance they could or common shithead criminals. I've heard the old "religious persecution" and "honorable rebel without a home" story a dozen times when I worked at a factory as a teen. I tell them to try that rebel line with my Rhodesian family.

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