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well I should still get the alcohawls right?
With something you like.
Don't give her shit for taking forever
Yeah always have alcohol on hand
nah not even gunna mention it
or think it
just whatever

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What's New

Rollo-Tomassi 7 hours ago

Baton down the hatches, I've got a new post that's gonna sting: https://trp.red/t/12d

0xdada 11 hours ago

ask yourself honestly by what tribes you are recognized as a member. Doing things is one thing, but being recognized as a peer by the people who do them is another. If those tribes were picking teams, would you be first, in the middle, or last? Are you going to improve the thing you would be picked last for, or drop it? Decide and commit.

redpillbanana 11 hours ago

Those who would give up essential Dignity, to purchase a little temporary Affection, deserve neither Dignity nor Affection. - TRP Ben Franklin

0xdada 11 hours ago

@GayLubeOil if you want to meet rp guys at the gym, there are enough shibboleth words in trp lingo to sort a fellow out. otherwise, TRP could all just brigade an existing but dying out fraternity like elks, oddfellows, lions, masons, etc. starting a new one has high costs and non-trivial likelihood of failure.

Hyper_Sonik 11 hours ago

New to TRP. Realize how pathetic I've been. And now my pregnant gf and me are "broken up" (off/on due to my ignorance of the redpill) Looking for guidance and advice

MentORPHEUS 11 hours ago

@GayLubeOil There was a "Reads cartoon" between sentences... don't use HTML brackets to denote actions

MentORPHEUS 11 hours ago

@GayLubeOil That's what The_Fraternity and VermillionManMarch are doing. God damn it, GLO!

Bancroft 12 hours ago

Guys can't get over oneitis because they're in denial about their subconscious idealistic dream that one day her feelings would change for them. Best way to end this is to ensure the dream can never happen. Writing love letters or being "vulnerable" about your feelings work great. She'll be so repulsed by weakness you will have 0 chance

Bancroft 12 hours ago

Soon I hope women will finally be accepted as the more dangerous but still weaker sex. Like how some female insects kill their mates. Dangerous in that they prey and survive by feeding off of submissive men. Weaker in that they obviously lack all capacity to respect logic, truth, or something other than their child's and own wellbeing

Bancroft 13 hours ago

Women exploit mans desire for romantic love like a wise man exploits a woman's need for emotional validation. The difference is in the scope of damage. Man teases and stays distant to create playful and temporary dramatic anxiety, but women have no regrets ripping out a guys entire ego, shitting on it, and replacing it with a better one

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