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I'm like 50/50 on whether or not to stay in town w/ it
was just combining what anteros said haha
yeah I just don't want something that's so soul-crushing that it pushes you further into a shell
i may like it, who knows
i think it being not in my town allows my shell to weaken though..
i always do better elsewhere than here. i know so many here it makes me uncomfortable
but yourenot wrong
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Noblefiz 9 months ago

Really had some of the Principals of Game (Being Phillips) cemented in my brain last weekend. #7,#11,#12,#18. Girl gave me all the signs of wanting to go home with me. All but overtly told me. And it went right over my head. Didn't captain my shop right and sowed the seeds of my own embarrassment. Be credible,pay attention, be captain.

dr_warlock 3 years ago

Post #7 is now up on my blog!

"Why You Shouldn't Explain Female Nature to Women"


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