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buy gt3rs, buy house in arizona
what ya make now
I saved up enough and have a roommate lined up so I should be good. My job is not so demanding so I can put up with the SJW nonesense for a year, while they pay for my degree
well before trading income
around 4k/month
i have about 2k in expenses and the rest goes to trading and trading can take care of the rest
2-3 years is more realistic but fuck that ill make it 1 year

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Showing #Memes

RedRum 3 weeks ago

Tbh I never bought into this meme but now I'm wondering... why is it always the jews spreading bloopie bullshit? Am I being biased? Where are the redpill jews? #Humor #Memes #Jews

RedRum about a month ago

And it will never leave you #Humor #Memes

RedRum 3 months ago

Rape = catch all term for having something happen you don't want even if its after the fact. Therefore we can conclude reality is rape and we're all getting fucked nonconsentually by life. Life is on the run and has committed a multitude of crimes against good people. If you see him, call your police department immediately. #RedRum #Memes

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