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This is what I am looking at right now. I will make a better entry later.
man thanks so much for the link!!!
aneffingchamp that was amazing thanks man!
Can't take thanks to the bank, my grandpa always said
your grandpa probably did
seems like that kind of a guy
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Showing #news

RedRum 2 years ago

titties are now acceptable as long as she identifies as a dude. #FreeTheTattas #EndSlavery #EmpowerTheBoob #Humor #News

RedRum 2 years ago

Here it is. Failure to find a sexual partner is now a disability says World Health Organization. 80% of men are now disabled autistic rapists. #News #Health #Doctrine #SocietalProgramming

RedRum 2 years ago

The news is getting real sassy. "PD says they're being as transparent as possible with this case. OH REALLY. HUH. WELL WE HAVE THINGS TO SAY ABOUT THAT when we come back after these commercials." #Sassy #News #Anchors #FeminineMales

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