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Do you really think gopro is using a technology that's going to scale past where it's at currently. Don't think it's a good buy long term
If you're new to investing. Stick to low cost index funds, mutual funds, ETFs
yeah vanguard is greeat
https://www.investopedia.com/articles/01/071801.asp - value investing.
if you're picking stocks, pick a bargain.
and the most important lesson in investing, the iron rule? don't lose money.
there are far more ways to lose it than to make it
so work on avoiding them
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bastenibba 3 minutes ago


Chaddeus_Rex 4 minutes ago

@bastenibba bro if only u had mcdonalds u'd be rich! Those fucking commies are preventing u from getting mcdonalds

Omnidempotent 5 minutes ago

@GayLubeOil well obviously that was a mistake

bastenibba 6 minutes ago
Chaddeus_Rex 9 minutes ago

@Ironeyes yeah everything good is bc of capitalism and everything bad was bc of communism...

And no, the satellite countries were entirely destroyed by WW2. Why do you think the US had to use central planning (ie the Marshal Plan) to rebuild Western Europe? The soviets never bothered with u ungrateful fucks. Go read some history

Ironeyes 13 minutes ago

@Chaddeus_Rex Yeah, everything good was because of communism, everything bad was SOMETHING ELSE JUST NOT COMMUNISM. These countries have survived worse than WW2, you're ignorance is showing.

Chaddeus_Rex 16 minutes ago

@Ironeyes more like world war 2 made the satellite states garbage. The soviets just never bothered to rebuild them bc they knew they were ungrateful fucks.

Chaddeus_Rex 17 minutes ago

@Ironeyes and yet there was a great deal of emigration and it was fairly easy to leave the country. We had plenty of friends who legally emigrated in the 70s and 80s that werent jews.

Ur the one dick riding ur new american overlords like most of the european states.

Fuck off with ur lies

bastenibba 17 minutes ago

@Ironeyes Great, good goy. Go back to watching Fox news you liberal shill

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