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people come and go
good review https://youtu.be/dbwuLcAMhLc
god what a travesty
4 chickens added to my farmily
see what i did with the word there?
DaPowa: why do you have chickens
I like low cost eggs and free pest control.
And free fertilizer.
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Showing #devnews

redpillschool 2 weeks ago

Head on over to our patreon to see the updates we're working on for TRP.RED ! #devnews

redpillschool 3 weeks ago

Big changes coming to TRP.RED including performance overhauls to improve speed. #devnews

redpillschool 7 months ago

#devnews Thanks to all the donations (especially the patreon subscribers) we are now investing in a better infrastructure. Goal #1 is censorship-free platform without the hassles of potential take-downs by liberal companies. More info on that soon.

redpillschool 7 months ago

#devnews Over 1,000 subscribers in the past hour due to Reddit. News Coming Tomorrow. Stay Tuned.

redpillschool 9 months ago

SSL Update complete. #devnews

redpillschool 9 months ago

#devnews I'm going to try to minimize downtime.

redpillschool about a year ago
redpillschool about a year ago

#devnews Unread message counts should be working in our beta chat. If you're interested in testing, join our beta by posting the hashtag #beta. If you're a current #beta user, you'll need to clear your cache to test.

redpillschool 2 years ago

Don't forget content creators- you can click the menu (...) next to your status and get stats about how many people saw or interacted with your posts. #devnews

redpillschool 2 years ago

Question for the masses: Next big feature for TRP.RED, what should it be? #devnews

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