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stonepimpletilists 19 hours ago

@GayLubeOil whole thing was nuked

NormalAndy 2 days ago

@GayLubeOil - 'satire community' as in the recipients of satire? There's no comedy without tragedy.

GayLubeOil 2 days ago

Purple Pill in a nutshell https://trp.red/t/1p0

GayLubeOil 2 days ago

@GaylubeOil if the blue pill is just a satire community why are their so many nervous breakdowns?

redpillschool 4 days ago

@johnpayne10 Check out the all updates feed, and click the green plus symbol to add friends whose updates will show on your Daily Prescription

Internet 4 days ago

Is Night Mode on the To Do list for trp.red?

johnpayne10 4 days ago

This kinda feels like facebook. How do you post or read what others have posted?

revengerence 5 days ago

@Rollo-Tomassi (2/2) Young women dont think long term finances anyways so are women in their 20's really thinking about financial security in their 50's and beyond?

revengerence 5 days ago

@Rollo-Tomassi (1/2)With men earning less and less relative to women and the state growing more and more socialist, removing spousal support will favor more and more women anyways. In the UK women earn more than men up to the age of about 40 now[1]. Their short term strategy is entirely based on alphas willing to be fathers.

Rollo-Tomassi 5 days ago

@revengerence Not sure how that would make sense. I mean, I get it, but I don't think women can be convinced to decline any potential for cashing in on a long term support.

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