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Thedoctor 4 hours ago

@SNguy I normally take the lead. But this time she actually needed to meet so she doesn't feel a ONS.

MentORPHEUS 5 hours ago

@Thedoctor I enjoy courtship, limerence, and repeat encounters even those destined no higher than plate or FWB.

WHEN you have plates in the kitty, and are CONSISTENTLY landing those you pick to invest time, you are doing it right and can afford to indulge in talks and longer courtships. But you'll never FRIEND your way into a womans bed!

MentORPHEUS 5 hours ago

@Thedoctor Over time I've refined my dating funnel such that I prequalify heavily and aim for a small number of highly matched prospects. Virtually all that reach the meet in person level end up sleeping with me, sometimes after 2-3 more dates. These are always open to affection, touch, measured escalation. If cold, she's not interested

MentORPHEUS 5 hours ago

@Thedoctor Sometimes she's DTF but has low N count because she's not quick to hop into bed... give her 20 minutes to talk and get it out of the way; you maintain frame and concede nothing unwillingly, then she's past it and becomes a good regular sex partner. Go into the talk open minded, determine if shy-but-attracted or seeking betabux

SNguy 9 hours ago

@Thedoctor Are you buying into her frame?

Her: We have to have a talk You: K

How about you say no and take the lead another time/date about another topic?

StrikePrice 12 hours ago

@Thedoctor Yeah. You’re good with whatever. You don’t fuck this one, the next one is right around the corner. Boyfriend? Did you ask about her problems? Who gives a fuck? She’s missing out. You’re the prize. Behave as such.

Thedoctor 13 hours ago

Damn. Failed a LMR last night... Now she wants to 'have a talk' probably because she already has a boyfriend. We'll meet in a few hours, any suggestions?

StrikePrice 14 hours ago

@redhead lulz. There’s that too. :D

StrikePrice 14 hours ago

@nonstopas Finish your degree. Never get into debt. Don’t get anyone pregnant. Don’t get a disease. Be careful with pills and powders. Be healthy, be smart and have fun with your life. It gets better. I promise. I’m 49 and I’ve nevet been happier.

StrikePrice 14 hours ago

@nonstopas I get it. It’s a tough age. But a man does not truly know himself until his mid to late 30s. Take your time! You’re a young kid. Your whole life is ahead of you. Set short term and long term goals. People overestimated what they can do in one year, but vastly underestimate what they can do in 10.

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