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TwoInchesOfShaft 11 hours ago

@winninglosing The exchange semester is tricky. She will probably talk to you again about it and say something like “I don’t really want to go because of you”. If you are clear that you won’t do LDR, there’s a chance she’ll cancel. If she doesn’t just move on, maybe you can meet afterwards, but be very vague about the future, no promises

TwoInchesOfShaft 11 hours ago

@winninglosing how does she talk about the guy? Long time guy friends rarely get the pussy, I wouldn’t worry unless she tells you they have been together. Otherwise he’s just her main orbiter

winninglosing 14 hours ago

...long time guy friend. Don't know many details. 2) She wants to go on an exchange in ~6 months. Assuming she asks to go official, what should I say (should i just keep as plate), and assuming i say we can be exclusive? Ill obvs tell her that I don't do long didstance. However, IDK what to do about the male friend? Too big a red flag?

winninglosing 14 hours ago

...and relationships. Doesnt require much attenetion. Didn't put out till 3rd date (which is rare af). Seems like a good girl from a good family. Anyways im guessing shes gonna ask to go official in next few dates, which I am considering. I just want a gf for a while. There are however, two red flags. 1) Her best friend is a guy...

winninglosing 14 hours ago

RPd for a year. N-count has gone up 8 in past 6 months. I lift, read, social, good looking, etc. Life is on track. I, however, want a more steady girl. I am sick of ONS and plates. I want some connection when i fuck. Been on 3 dates a girl who has a lot of green flags. Strong family relationships, studious, hot, low n-count...

TheHillFigger 16 hours ago

to be honest the website's name reminds me of trippy red. i dont like that at all.

TheViolat0r 19 hours ago

@Schlongington I hate to say I was BP, but I was BP. It didn't take me long to swallow the pill though. I've just been trying to work on myself finally, after years of wanting nothing but to die. However, my current struggle is an existential one: I don't have to be here, but I'm a curious fucker....

redhead 19 hours ago

two women in love with the same man will fight to the death over him. this is an example of what separates men in love from women in love. men will only fight to defend their own reputation and dignity. women attach their reputation and dignity to men in their lives, if it is not a man they are in a sexual relationship, its daddy.

redhead 19 hours ago

trying to explain the red pill in words is impossible. it is all about experience, trial and error, and wit.

Schlongington 20 hours ago

@TheViolat0r BP is everywhere, my core is also still BP and I over wrote it with layers of RP. It still feels fake being like that, but hell, I never want to go back.

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