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" he is forced to employ the internet as a surrogate for the father he never had."
great article ;x
doesnt solve shit, but it puts the whole situations into words
that article links to another article, Monk Mode
he mentions comedy, im sure its directly related to patrice :)
How long does it take to be able to create a post?
I have become a fan of close grip pull ups.
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nr368 10 hours ago

@Legends_of_Men pua is about mimicking value while the red pill is about creating value

nr368 17 hours ago

@Legends_of_Men no. It's about creating value vs mimicking it.

Spartan 18 hours ago

@Legends_of_Men TRP Is PUA+MGTOW+ becomingaman with the good stuff

Legends_of_Men 18 hours ago

It seems to me that the only things separating the red pill from being a PUA reformation is everything not related to sex or "intersexual dynamics." What say you?

tb87670 23 hours ago

@destraht The beard gave him strength and renewed vigor.

destraht about a day ago

Did Ted Cruz become less douche after settling in for some years?

Ironeyes about a day ago

@Rian_stone Ed's face is priceless

replacemenwithalphas00 2 days ago

@TheStoicCrane Recreational spending and gluttony (consuming food, media, attention). Both are addictive, take away your freedom and leave you with a void. Every human is a product of its environment, and America just reinforces and accepts these behaviors.

TheStoicCrane 2 days ago

@hoit The thing about feminism is that post WWII the one of the main reasons it reared it's head was to make women interchangeable with men in the workplace. It has nothing to do with "women's rights" or equality. It was a strategic move to make the workforce more expedible in turn making it cheaper. If a woman can do a man's job why pay him 25/hr when scores of women will do it for 15/hr?

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