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you're an ex skinnyfat kid
who is asian
exskinnyfat but still asian
so you're probably just a clean freak whose' body hasn't finished with the turmoil of a large shift
anybody up today?
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TheStoicCrane 1 minute ago

Taking a hiatus from my experiment until late June. The little time I did spend away I realize that most internet content is just irrelevant bulshit that does nothing for my life.

TheStoicCrane 4 minutes ago

@RedRum The Truth about Banks and Money Once society goes cashless we'll all become slaves to the banks. Those in charge of the banks will be in position to determine who eats and who doesn't.

bastenibba 37 minutes ago

Getting married in America is like buying real estate in Palestine. Literally take the money and run.

bastenibba 39 minutes ago

This can serve to illustrate the generational divide within TRP. Boomers are concerned about "enjoying the decline", learned helplessness, the marriage meme, looking alpha and fitting in, while Gen Z was born in the Kali Yuga and has zero time to negotiate with a system that abandoned them before they were born.

bastenibba about an hour ago

This is why TRP stagnated. Mods will ban anyone who's not doing this.

overheadpressident 3 hours ago

@bastenibba Absolutely agree. Side lateral raises, tricep pushdowns, curls, all of that shit is good. @Spartan should also focus on getting strong at these lifts.

bastenibba 3 hours ago

@overheadpressident powerlifting for it's own sake leads to injury, being a fat retard trying to get your max up by 5 pounds, and or being a skinny dyel who only looks strong when he's lifting. You need to pump iron to get huge and target specific muscles to create Chad aesthetics. Mainly shoulders and lats

overheadpressident 3 hours ago

@bastenibba You should be aiming to get stronger at compound lifts until you're dead or cant lift anymore. But accessory work is what separates Arnold from the fat bald westside powerlifters.

bastenibba 3 hours ago

@overheadpressident wrong. If you've been lifting for a year, you're strong enough to ditch powerlifting and start getting fucking juicy. That's beginner shit. He's right about the calories though.

overheadpressident 3 hours ago

@Spartan please start eating more calories. You will not gain muscle without gaining weight. Aim for a half pound bodyweight increase per week. Your program does not matter that much. Get stronger at compound lifts and do some accessory work.

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