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we were at the food court and he saw this one asian chick
took up his try and plopped it down in front of her
that was fucking hilarious
I made a gay chick angry
she was cute tho
Good morning Gents.
Tizen would've been proud of me. It's too bad he isn't able to see my shit now.

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What's New

GayLubeOil 2 hours ago

Can we get some Imperial themed flairs going over at The Red Pill Right? I Call Field Marshal of Manliness

FullMetalAsshole 9 hours ago

@iLLprincipLeS a hole is a hole is a hole

0xdada 10 hours ago

btw, the left is discovering the "fourth turning," idea which is apparently influential in the whitehouse. Zerohedge and the global macro crowd has been on it for years. here's an old interview with the author from Real Vision: https://trp.red/t/13m

RPFerro 10 hours ago

Many yrs ago, my school forced us to go on a retreat, where a 'cool' counselor discussed the sanctity of women. He compared purity to money- he spat on $20, crumpled it, stomped it, but it was still valuable. It's only now that i realize he was right: men could trade women for goods & services instead of money.

0xdada 11 hours ago

John Wick 2 basically Zoolander:Reloaded, skip it unless you like transfag ninjas, breakdance fighting and seriously, who the fuck wastes ammo like that? It's like watching Neo vs. Reddit and the guy from the Bentley ads. https://trp.red/t/13l

redpillschool 12 hours ago

As expected, the term "The Red Pill" has entered the mainstream and young kids think it has nothing to do with us, trying to re-purpose it for what they prefer. https://trp.red/t/13k

blue_dover 15 hours ago

Flirting Masterclass - https://trp.red/t/13j - Craig Feguson

blue_dover 22 hours ago

"We all die. It's just a scheduling issue." - The Private Man

tddaygame about a day ago

Some observations from bar/gutter game and the old #daygame truths... Yup, there's a new post on my blog.

-Anteros- about a day ago

We all have a time to go, we can only hope to handle it with such dignity. Thanks to ThePrivateMan for his contributions. Podcast here

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