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She was with him for 2 years, getting off birth control made her end it
Anyone do marketing here
Is it even worth dealing with lol
I wanted to keep trying new things. This guy wants me to come down and check out his diigital publishing place. Offering me a job to do marketing.
sure why not
That's what I'm saying. I'll check it out after the gym.

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JohannesFactotum 2 hours ago

And here I was thinking that ZEC was leaving ETH dead in the water, when I last looked at ETH was trading ~$125, is now approaching $200 as well. Let's also not forget also BTC being up 27% in the last week.

JohannesFactotum 2 hours ago

@dr_warlock Righteous anger by far is better than the inarticulate rage boiling beneath the skin of the average bloopie once they nibble on the red pill. TRP gave me a way to fly-on-the-wall myself and observe reality instead of what I previously believed. Was still angry, and it still took time to season the wisdom.

JohannesFactotum 3 hours ago

@SlamSlask JPMorgan announced partnership with Z.cash developers. https://trp.red/t/19h

SlamSlask 3 hours ago

What is happening to ZCASH atm ? Prices are sky rising nearly 100% increase in value today

redpillschool 4 hours ago

@dr_warlock Exactly, you have to reexamine every belief that you have. It's not an easy process.

RedRum 18 hours ago

@SafeWordIsCommitment I like this one. It's not controversial it can slip under satire's radar. Probably get funding from PETA. Call the app "Vegimee" or something clever. Other ideas: Muslim Mingle. Find local muslim friends in your area. We can thin the herd out quicker that way. That app will get filed under satire quickly. Too soon.

SafeWordIsCommitment about a day ago

@Archwinger nah, oddly genius would be a Kickstarter for basic bitches to judge TV based on feminist compliance. Like rotten tomatoes for TV virtue signalling.

dr_warlock about a day ago

@JohannesFactotum Part 2of2

The anger phase lasts so long, the suppression tank leaks so long, because the bluepill compression algorithm for self respect is state-of-the-art. You're dealing with years of unprocessed data. Analyzing each file, and then deal with the ego blow that follows. File, after file, after file, after file...

dr_warlock about a day ago

@JohannesFactotum Righteous anger feels good. Anger is a response 2 injustice on the self. Most guys suppress it, never act on it, get pushed around in social situations bcuz of blue pill conditioning. The redpill unlocks the valve 2 the suppression tank &all the years of suppressed hate comes spilling out uncontrollably till its empty.

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