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zhilin 3 minutes ago

@BadBoyProgrammer actually most of russian men are from families with only mothers, so they can't resist the feminin wave

replacemenwithalphas00 about an hour ago

Reminder: Without makeup, girls greater HB6 do not exist. B-but Scarlett Johansson! No. Unless you're a jizz-covered neckbeard, you have to offer far more then she does. You just have to approach.

BadBoyProgrammer 2 hours ago

@TheStoicCrane You be suprised what can be done if you push someone into the extreme. Life or dead situations be best. A proper beating and encouragement to hit back is second best. Kid needs to be among masculine men. Perhaps go to Russia and join a boxing school there?

TheStoicCrane 3 hours ago

Are males from single parent (female) households a lost cause even if they discover TRP? Considering that they've been raised to submit to female primacy/authority from birth they are flogged mentally and potentially even physically to become female servants. They stand any chance at breaking their conditioning?

TheStoicCrane 3 hours ago

@john_titor Did some research and found that soy not only reduces testosterone but inhibits the body's ability to process nutrients efficiently. From nuts to nutrients it's impact is terrifying.

BadBoyProgrammer 4 hours ago

Do you want to stop masturbating? Want to make NoFab a success? Approach girls and give yourself a chance to have real life sex with an actual girl. A two letter word can make all the difference: Hi

somil112 7 hours ago

@rovenbrog I'm mood fucked, I'm sad for atleast a day. I know this is embarrassing but i just can't help myself.It sucks

sanitypanacea 9 hours ago

#NoNothingNovember Day 14 guys, no fap. no SMS. Cooking class only for the bad foods. please go check out my blog post as you've all helped change my life. (Male on autism spectrum here. My life is changing for the better!)

john_titor 9 hours ago

@Bishop_of_bath_and_wells instead of trying to completely cut sugar out limit yourself to the reccomended daily intake of 50g a day. That way you can still have ketchup and bbq sauce but no soda or lemonade.

john_titor 9 hours ago

@TheStoicCrane The same amount of time as any food. Soy should the least of your worries. As long as your not chugging soylent like its the second coming of christ then you wont become a cuck.

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