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I've done things like tunneled over SSL
Is that complex? I suppose that depends heavily on the value of what I might miss without it.
for my case it was pretty simple, just told quassel to use a different port than the default, and the particular filters don't block 443.
to the censors, it looks like web traffic
I'm willfully ignorant about stuff like that. I know very smart people that could probably lay it out for me. Maybe in the future. Thank you for the advice.
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destraht 12 hours ago

@tb87670 The battle lines have been drawn.

tb87670 13 hours ago

@destraht Yeah he made a public video.

SeasonedRP 14 hours ago

@MentORPHEUS I like that response. This is one area where I've never been satisfied with my responses. I've had women drop "I love you" early on in knowing them, and it's awkward. Dealing with one now who is like that. Usually this type falls out of love quickly too. They are poster children for the light switch effect.

destraht 15 hours ago

@tb87670 Did he tell all of his fans about the details of this?

tb87670 16 hours ago

@destraht Nah he retracted after doing research on who they really are. The guy in charge of finances at the ADL was already plotting how to use that money against decency. I bet within a few miles one could've heard him screaming for several minutes after that.

bear-with-bit 18 hours ago

Work towards strength and away from weakness. Help those who want the same and don't help those who don't want it.

RPFerro about a day ago

@MentORPHEUS oi, u got a loicense fa that limerence?

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