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it's tragic how men are turning out these days
DocObvious: don't forget about insurance for liability type issues
yes rain
i need you
im glad you're here
my birds hate it
I have heard rumors at work that my boss only promotes Indians. Haven't been around long enough to know the politics. Should I pay any attention to this?
I have an opportunity to switch teams in the next week before getting locked into a project. I like my team other than that possibility
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thechinaman 5 hours ago

@redpillschool do you happen to know why my post was taken down? If so, why?

redpillschool 6 hours ago

@TwoInchesOfShaft correct. You're looking for enthusiasm. If it's missing then she's not into you enough to invest more time or effort into.

bambinosupremo 8 hours ago

@redpillschool When are tribes coming out man??

Ironeyes 10 hours ago

@Legends_of_Men It's a great answer actually. You want to build spaceshuttles and you clearly don't know basic math. So yes, you should read the sidebar, nobody is asking you to memorise it, but at least know what you're talking about.

Legends_of_Men 10 hours ago

@Ironeyes That's a great non-answer. I'll throw one back at you; I see you've read the sidebar too much. I don't need to memorize the doctrine you think I should memorize to form original thoughts.

Ironeyes 11 hours ago

@Legends_of_Men I say you haven't read the sidebar.

nr368 about a day ago

@Legends_of_Men pua is about mimicking value while the red pill is about creating value

nr368 about a day ago

@Legends_of_Men no. It's about creating value vs mimicking it.

Spartan about a day ago

@Legends_of_Men TRP Is PUA+MGTOW+ becomingaman with the good stuff

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