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I think redpilling is a good conceptual way to identify a wrong in the world
It's a shared feeling that no one else addresses. But I think the target is wrong.
I read No More Mr Nice Guy a long time ago, and the core theme is a split of masculinities detraction in modern society, and self compassion
But the author himself, a recovering /niceguy/ makes the fatal assumption in how he applies covert contracts in the world
We're individuals who've grown up in a face-value world. Where everything feels wrong and skindeep.
Oh boy that was a well aged hissy fit
we’ve reached peak higher references https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/UaIczLFI/IMG_6082.PNG

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Showing #Government

RedRum 7 months ago

(Part 2) So economically disadvantage men aren't good enough to receive aid. But women, oh ho ho, women they're right up there with disabled veterans! Yes sweetheart you're just as prized as a man who sacrificed himself for his country. The government and women a lot in common: they hate men and they want it their way. #Women #Government

RedRum 7 months ago

Don't think the US government is in on changing the power dynamics of our society? Explain to me why women are treated like a dying species when running a small business compared to veterans, immigrants, and the disabled. #Women #Government