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but what about getting involved with it with some shorter-term schemes -- I assume you still work on projects/businesses for money
isn't crypto an interesting field for you?
the technology of it is interesting in the same way reading wikipedia is interesting.
i'm quite up to speed in how the blockchain operates... especially in terms of mining/difficult lol.
what about the economics of it though and how its shaping the world?
and I don't mean "shaping" in some grand sense, just any social effects/how people react to it/etc.
sure that's all neat shit, but it's not something I'd do any business around. I highly doubt If I was operating a vendor-style business I'd accept bitcoin.
like I said, that shit seems volatile as fuck to me. I don't wanna accept .025 coins for something and have it be worth half that the next day or 0.

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Showing #Government

RedRum 4 months ago

(Part 2) So economically disadvantage men aren't good enough to receive aid. But women, oh ho ho, women they're right up there with disabled veterans! Yes sweetheart you're just as prized as a man who sacrificed himself for his country. The government and women a lot in common: they hate men and they want it their way. #Women #Government

RedRum 4 months ago

Don't think the US government is in on changing the power dynamics of our society? Explain to me why women are treated like a dying species when running a small business compared to veterans, immigrants, and the disabled. #Women #Government