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it's tragic how men are turning out these days
DocObvious: don't forget about insurance for liability type issues
yes rain
i need you
im glad you're here
my birds hate it
I have heard rumors at work that my boss only promotes Indians. Haven't been around long enough to know the politics. Should I pay any attention to this?
I have an opportunity to switch teams in the next week before getting locked into a project. I like my team other than that possibility
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TheStoicCrane 2 weeks ago

@Chaddeus_Rex Americans are probably overweight because they #1 overconsume calories, #2 they overcomsume sugars that leads to metabolic syndrome and insulin response deficiencies, and #3 overconsume pounds of preservatives that are liable to make them ill in the long run. Alot of the preservatives used by American companies are banned by foreign countries. Most likely for good reason.

MatrixofLe3adership 2 weeks ago

I got curious what level of SMV it takes to capture the interest of USA women's soccer player Mallory Pugh...answer turns out to be #1 overall pick of 2015 MLB draft Dansby Swanson. Fuck I have a ways to go.

bambinosupremo about a month ago
MentORPHEUS about a month ago

@thechinaman @GayLubeOil appears to be hoping nobody remembered his first answer, that there were two, but he cannot show them.

Today, he pivoted to door #1, that the people on display in this forum already are his best of the best.

GLO, is that your final answer?

RedRum about a month ago

@tb87670 yeah thats rule #1, don't appear naive

Doctordinglefuck 7 months ago

Approach tip #1: when you're putting her number in your phone, stop halfway and give it to her and say "here just put it in." Her hind brain cant comprehend your words it only reacts to visual stimulus, if she types it in your phone, her brain thinks since she put that small effort into making contact with you, she really likes you

skiper505 7 months ago

#NoNothingNov Final week status: -Porn:Ok.Overall failed 3 times. I will continue. -Video games: Ok.

  • Waking up early: Ok. Goal#1: Resuming gym on Monday. Goal#2: Resuming guitar tomorrow.
skiper505 7 months ago

#NoNothingNov Update day 28th: -Porn: Failed. -Video games: Ok. -Waking up early: Good. Goal#1: I have had a pretty crowded schedule lately. I think I will resume going to gym next week. Goal#2: As the holidays approach, I will have a lot of time to focus on this.

skiper505 8 months ago

#NoNothingNov Update on 22nd day: -Porn: Ok. -Video Games: Ok;

  • Waking up early: Ok. (Changed this one since it did not make any sense).

Goal#1: Will resume gym next week. Goal#2: Will resume guitar asap.

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